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Lorikeet is in early testing with a number of users and this page will give you some basic assistance with the app during this phase. If you need more help, or have any other question, you can email us directly at lorikeet@thelenslab.com


Lorikeet is a refreshingly easy way to create printed photo journals that capture every precious moment as your baby grows.

You'll use our new app to add up to 80 photos each month (including captions and dates) and then you'll receive a beautiful, magazine-style printed journal in the mail. Each monthly edition also includes a journaling section where you can record important milestones or other special moments in your own writing.

With Lorikeet you can finally create that beautiful and tangible record of your baby's start to life.



Lorikeet works as an app on your iPhone where you add your photos and captions. We then create and print a magazine-style journal each month and ship it to you. Here's how it all works:

  1. Install The App > Download and install the app on your iPhone and create your account.
  2. Setup Your Magazine Series > Add your baby's birth date and we'll setup your monthly magazine templates.
  3. Add Your Photos > Add between 20-80 photos to each month, including captions.
  4. Order Your Magazine > Once a month is complete, submit your order for printing.
  5. We Print & Ship > In a few days, you’ll get your beautiful magazine in the mail.
  6. Complete Your Series > Order more months to create a month-by-month archive of your baby's start to life.

Note: During early testing, you can order some magazine editions without paying anything...yay! (but that can't last forever...darn!)



Will I need to add exactly 80 photos every month? 
No, the maximum is 80 (which will give 2 photos per page). If you provide 40 it will be 1 larger photo per page. But you will be able to provide any number between 20 and 80 and the layout will be automatically generated for you.

Do I need to add captions with every photo?
No, you can have no captions at all or just add captions to the one’s you want. Each caption can be up to 300 characters long.

Can I control the layout of the photos? 
No, this is done automatically to make it super-simple. Photos are arranged by date in a standardised layout. The standardised layout makes things fast and easy for every customer but also creates a unified series of magazines over time.

What about the cover photo?
This will be selected by you from the provided set of photos that month.

What will happen when I complete a month?
At the end of a month, you will be asked to finalise your set of photos (via the app). Once everything is ready (your photos and captions) then you'll submit your order for printing.

Will these look like a magazine?
Yes, we’ll be using magazine-style printing and matt paper stock in a format that feels and looks like your own custom magazine in your hands.

What is a magazine 'edition'?
An 'edition' is just the name we give to a printed magazine for a given month. For example, if you end up creating a magazine for every month of your baby's first year, then you'll have 12 editions (1st Month, 2nd Month etc...).

Can I start from when my baby was born?
Yes, you can. When you setup your baby's birth date the app will automatically create templates for each month since then. You can go back and complete and then order a printed magazine for each month so you'll have a full and up-to-date set.

Will I enter the notes for the journaling section in the app?
No, those pages are designed so you’ll be able to physically write on those pages. The idea is that the act of hand-writing those notes into the journal is chance to reflect and add a personal touch for your family to enjoy in the future.

Will I be able to send copies to other family members (grandparents etc)?
Not right away but this will added in the future. Eventually you will be able to setup additional recipients who will also get each magazine edition shipped to them each month.

How much will this cost?
We still haven't finalised the pricing yet but stay tuned. It obviously can’t be free but we are focused on providing an attractive price point. The service, given that it’s monthly, will be via some form of subscription most likely.

What if I don't want to create them monthly?
Lorikeet will produce magazine editions for every month of your baby's start to life. We do this because they grow and develop so much, the monthly milestones are always exciting to celebrate, and its ensures you're not waiting too long between editions. Starting off we don't have other options but are exploring some other products that might be suitable to other timeframes.

Can my magazines work with multiple children?
When you setup a magazine series it is for single baby (it uses the date of birth to establish the month-by-month editions). You will be able to have multiple magazine series in the future (for multiple babies) and we're also working on a more generic family-focused product too.

Got some more questions?
Let us know if you have any other questions - just email us lorikeet@thelenslab.com.