Backup files (with .collect file extension) can be restored into any supported device. The restoring process will automatically add the photos, captions, notes, tags & dates back into respective month in the selected album.

To restore, go the 'Restore from Backup' option and then select 'Import a Backup File'. From there you can select to import a backup file from Dropbox or iCloud Drive and then it will start to restore back to your device.

Some information on restoring backup files (and all photos & data) into the app:

  • Photos can be restored back into any album regardless of the name of the album they originated from.
  • The app will automatically detect if any photos already exist in the selected album for the relevant month.
  • If existing photos are detected, users can choose to cancel or continue. By continuing the photos will just be added to any existing photos (they will not remove or replace anything existing).
  • The restoring of backup files into an album cannot be undone. If photos are added accidentally to the wrong album then they will have to be deleted manually.
  • Once a file is restored, it is automatically deleted from the app to save storage (but you should still have a copy stored on your PC or Mac).

Please contact us at Support if you have further questions.