Backup files contain all of the important photos and related data that you've added in Collect. Their only purpose is to allow your photos to be backed up and then restored in the future when required.

To generate, you just need to select the album and month and then the 'Create Backup' button. This will produce the backup file and then bring up the share sheet where you can save the file to Dropbox, iCloud Drive or other similar service.

Some important information about the backups:

  • A backup file contains photos & data for a given month and album.
  • If you wanted to backup your photos for a whole year (with one album) you would have 12 individual backup files.
  • This may appear to be an inconvenience but it helps make individual backup files smaller & more manageable.
  • Our best advice is to generate a backup file on the 1st of every month (for each album you have).
  • Backup files have a naming convention of [YEAR]-[MONTH]-[ALBUM NAME].collect. For example, 2014-09-My Best Pics.collect.
  • Backup files are not meant to be opened on your PC or Mac. They cannot be accessed outside the app. The exporting of individual photos is handled separately with the Export Photos feature.

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