Backup your Collect photos


Use the backup & restore feature to:

  • Move your photos to a new iPhone
  • Copy your photos to another device, including iPad
  • Protect your photos so you don't accidentally lose them

Use this process to create backup files of your photos & all other data every month. Backup files should be stored somewhere on your own PC, Mac or Dropbox. When required, the backup files can be moved onto any device to restore all photos, captions, tags & detailed notes.

Get Started

Here's some tips & advice for using backup & restore:

  • Generate backup files at the end of every month. Backup files only contain photos & data for each selected month so to create them at the end of the month.
  • If you have multiple albums, create a backup file for each album every month.
  • Once created, send your backup files to Dropbox, iCloud Drive or your computer via Tunes. You should store them safely so you can access them later.
  • When required, backup files can be added to your device and restored again.
  • To restore, just select the backup file and then pick the album you want to add the photos to.

Any other questions or assistance, please contact us via Support.

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