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A fine, modern journal and photo-a-day app, Collect transforms your photos into rich, ever-lasting memories. Add titles, tags & detailed notes to your daily photos and record your life in stunning detail.

Available for $1.99 on the App Store for iPhone.



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Collect 3.0 4in - Photo View
"Love it! Downloaded a bunch of these photo journals. This one definitely beats them all."

“Best… App… Ever. If you are a scrapbooker or memory keeper this is the perfect app." 

+ Rich memories from each photo

Add title, notes & tags with very photo. All presented in a delightful card format.

+ Beautiful calendar display

Track your photo-a-day project with ease with the stunning calendar interface.

+ Multiple albums & calendars

Easily capture different parts of your life by setting up unlimited albums.

+ Perfect for printing & Project Life™

Export in optimum sizes for various print options, including Project Life™ layouts.

+ Easily 'keep up'

Loads of features to ensure you don't fall behind with your memory keeping project.

+ Stunning video slideshows

Share your photo memories in a beautiful slideshow format, including your own songs.

+ And so much more...

With Collect we are committed to creating the finest photo journal and photo-a-day experience. Download now and find out why it's loved by so many.

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